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Irkadura – Review

Healing from trauma is a non-linear ever-continuing process. I did not expect this book to become one of many tools in my collection to aid that process, yet here we are, and I’m still at a loss for words, even after days of letting my thoughts digest.

I was warned I would weep.

But, I did not. I wish it had been that simple.

Reading Irkadura, I felt inspired, and heartbroken. Hollowed out with an old wooden spoon, and frayed at the edges. The sort of sadness where you wish you felt like crying, because then it would release, and be gone. Instead it lingers in you like cold on the bones after standing in the chill too long.

Beautifully ugly.

I didn’t find the horrible events described triggering so much as a tool to look at those moments from a distance. Irina’s view of her abuse lends the reader a detached point of view to be able to view their own trauma, and while possibly not intentionally, provides a sort of language that eases the difficulty in speaking of it. A set of some kind of linguistic training wheels for those not yet able to muster the strength to speak so bluntly.

Dark, and grim, but laced with threads of hope in places you’d never think to look, it bleeds vulnerability.

In a few months I might read it again.

And maybe then, with my new set of tools and perspective, I’ll be able to cry about it.

Pulled from my Goodreads Profile.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Hey, it’s been a bit, right?

I’ve had my nose to the ground working on Changeling and a few other things, and also just focusing on my own mental health (more on that at another time, just know I’m fine). I’m really excited about that progress, slow that it may be. Trying to write about 1k a night (not always getting there, but that’s the goal). I feel about halfway finished and we’re up to about 57k.

It’s not a terribly large secret that one of my guilty pleasures are mystery stories, especially murder mysteries. I grew up reading Sherlock Holmes, and through my parents I was introduced to Murder, She Wrote, Magnum P.I., Columbo, Diagnosis Murder, Matlock etc…

So it’s not really a surprise that when I encountered Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries on Netflix, I was destined to fall in love. And that I would re-watch the episodes a million times and be filled with a kind of dysphoria every time I reached the end. Murder? In 1920s Austrailia? An intelligent female private detective outside her 20s still allowed to be sexy and independent? Yes please!

Then Zoe reminded me about the books that the tv show was based on.

I’ve been wanting to create more of a discussion around some of the stories we talk about, and while I would like to approach this with video games, right now there isn’t the time for it. But a book?

I commute about an hour to work and depending when I leave, 30 minutes to an hour back. Audio books, audio dramas, and podcasts  have been my best friends during this time. Great to decompress, and take in a good story.

So why not turn that into something?

I snagged a copy of “Cocaine Blues” (Kerry Greenwood), the first book in Miss Fisher’s journey, and coincidentally, the pilot episode. If you’d care to join me this month (August), we’ll be taking in both the book and the pilot episode and doing a bit of compare/contrast, talking story elements and such the like.

Why? Well, to put it simply…

Bitch, I’m here for the story.