It’s been an interesting past few days on social media since the Orlando shooting. I’ve seen people defending the civilian right to┬ásemi-automatic weapons over the safety of human lives, and I’ve seen the identities of bigots protected and blurred as news articles report on people applauding the shooter for his chosen targets. Thankfully, I have […]Continue Reading
I have been a close observer of depression and its effects on the people I love since before I could remember. Despite that I’m not personally struggling with it, it’s been a prevalent antagonist in my life. It has terrorized my father, my sister, my partner, and some of my dearest friends. It took my […]Continue Reading

Of Thanks and Thursdays

This seemed like an appropriate day as any to try to start up a more regular schedule again. After all, one of the things I am very thankful for today would definitely being getting back to a 40-hour work week. While I know everyone was understanding, I missed being able to write here regularly. 50 […]Continue Reading


I’m an expert bottler. You know the sci-fi channel movie of Alice in Wonderland? Where they’re taking human emotions and distilling them into ‘teas’? It’s like that. Only my bottles would look something a great deal more like, “Stress”, “Heartache” and “Depression”. I grew up in a culture that believed in sweeping problems under a […]Continue Reading