Are You Sure?

“Are you sure?” is a far from innocent question. “Are you sure” is a coward’s cocktail of two parts deterrent and one part accusation. It contributes to our life-long indoctrination intoxication that we cannot trust our own senses and judgement. Our own perceptions denounced, speaking our experience makes us liars, and as we grow our […]Continue Reading
Curious about a character? Check out here for a list of questions! 8) What do they look for in a platonic or romantic partner? Everyone handles trauma differently, but I think there is a sort of caution in the way most abuse survivors approach companionship. Alys is suspicious by nurture, not nature. New people in […]Continue Reading
I found this on Tumblr about DnD characters. Instead I’m posing this to you. You can have any number of questions answered about ANY character I have written. nomercypercy: 1) What is their full name, and does it have any special relevance? Alternatively, what nicknames do they have? 2) What hobby would they like to be […]Continue Reading

Alys Alert!

The second-edition printing of Alys, to be published through Doce Blant, is set to release in August. The poor editors are backed up so things are bit more delayed than planned. I’ll be posting more info as it comes here and to my Patreon as we get closer to go-time.Continue Reading


I’m not good at feelings. Or talking. Or much of anything, really. Well, no. That’s not true. I have an excellent memory. Eidetic, to be exact. You’d probably know it as photographic. Like a camera, you know? Click! Which is, coincidentally, exactly why I have not got up from my seat yet to introduce myself. […]Continue Reading