Character questions

I found this on Tumblr about DnD characters. Instead I’m posing this to you. You can have any number of questions answered about ANY character I have written.


1) What is their full name, and does it have any special relevance? Alternatively, what nicknames do they have?

2) What hobby would they like to be good at?

3) If they played dnd what race and class would they pick?

4) If they could go back in time and change one thing, what would they change?

5) What is their favourite weapon to wield?

6) If you could behove them one magical item, what would you give them?

7) If they didn’t have to adventure, would they stop?

8) What do they look for in a platonic or romantic partner?

9) Do they trust easily?

10) What is their favourite colour?

11) Diplomatic or aggressive?

12) They get arrested, and thrown in jail, how do they escape?

13) Would they leave their party for any reason?

14) If they could own any creature as a pet, what would they have?

15) How have you influenced your characters personality?

16) Do they have any tattoos? If so what? If not, do you think they would get one in the future?

17) Where would they like to be in ten years time?

18) What do they look like? Either description or picture.

19) What genre of music would they be into?

20) What would be the worst thing someone could say to them?

2 thoughts on “Character questions”

  1. Question 8 for Alys. She’s not had an easy life and maybe her outlook on friendship and love is skewed by that? Some in-depth thoughts about this aspect of her character?

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