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    SO a couple of years ago, I met someone online via Facebook. She was nice, cute, quiet. But then after chatting on and off for a few days, she asked me for money. She said she was living with her mom, and they were starving. Obviously, it never occurred to me she could be “Fake”. (I was young and stupid) When I said no, because I couldn’t afford it, she turned passive aggressive, making me feel as if it was my, “Personal responsibility” To keep her alive and okay. We broke off with anger and I deleted her from my life. Said her name wrong to confuse myself until I couldn’t remember her name. All of that. Ever since, I’ve been careful. Some of these requests even make me laugh, they’re so obviously fake. Until now.

    I was on Face Book two days ago, and I got a friend request from someone living in my home town. A good “Christian girl” I’ve never been good at talking with women, so I’ve chatted her a few times. She only had two photos on her FB page so I answered her questions about faith in great length, just to see if she was “Real”. She’s since uploaded more photos. She seems nice. But her response doesn’t “Quite” add up to mine. My “Lizard Brain” started screaming RUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNN!!!!!! I couldn’t figure out why though. So I started looking through her photos. Then it hit me. IF anyone’s played Metal Gear Solid 2, you’ll get this. All the photos look real. But there’s one for everything. Personal selfie, Christmas photo, photo with friends in car, night-time selfie, Beautiful eyes selfie, political views photo, photo with friends, photo with mom (?), photo of spring break, all the right photos. All the boxes checked. But something still didn’t feel real, and I don’t just mean her bust size. It took me another moment, then I started having panic attacks. I’ve never been particularly good ant names and faces. I’m awful at reconizing random people. But I THINK IT’S HER!!!! Lighter skin tone, but that could be just lighting. Breast augmentation, a little older. But the bone structure in her face is waaaaay too similar. I don’t know what to do! I feel like I’m being targeted. I don’t want to lose my grip on reality, but her profile says she’s from MY HOME TOWN!!!!! It’s like, “What’s even real anymore??????” PLEASE HELP ME!!!! I NEED ADVICE. PLEASE!!!!!

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    Kiri Callaghan

    Ooof, okay, well, first, deep breaths. Sorry it took a bit to get back to you. I don’t have experience in this sort of thing exactly, but I have dealt with a fair share of manipulative people. Definitely don’t shell out any money, don’t give her any personal info etc. And most of all, trust your gut. If something is striking you as fishy about this, there’s probably something up, unfortunately. =(

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    Thanks everyone! Kiri especially. I should have typed something or took this down sooner! I did get help from a friend of mine. I wasn’t being very smart about who could see what on F.B, and they were able to get enough to make a really scary profile. I changed up some stuff and my friend helped me out. THanks so much!!!

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