Hate Is Not Welcome In My Home

It’s been an interesting past few days on social media since the Orlando shooting. I’ve seen people defending the civilian right to semi-automatic weapons over the safety of human lives, and I’ve seen the identities of bigots protected and blurred as news articles report on people applauding the shooter for his chosen targets.
Thankfully, I have also seen great love. People holding vigils, banding together, donating blood. And it light of both this dichotomy, I felt I need to make something very clear about who I am and the community I am fostering as an artist.
For the past few years I’ve been in a monogamous loving relationship with a cis-het man. Because of this, I’m often mistaken for being straight/heterosexual.
I’m not. I’m pan. What this means is my romantic attraction to a partner is not gender related or specific. My partners have identified as male, female, queer and trans.
I call The Doctor my “partner” or my “companion” rather than “my boyfriend” for multiple reasons, but this is one of them. It helps me feel that even though on the outside I appear heteronormative, I retain my actual identity.
If I was straight, my community would still be a safe space for my LGBTQA family, and homophobia or transphobia of any kind would not be tolerated.
But I feel it’s important to let you know this is my tribe. My family. And the vitriol you spew at them is aimed at me as well. This will probably make me enemies rather than change someone’s mind, but it needed to be said. We’re building a safe community, a community founded on open minds and curiosity. This community is my home, and hate of any kind is not welcome here.

2 thoughts on “Hate Is Not Welcome In My Home”

  1. Hope. That’s what we can help each other with in the dark times to come (and I fear they will be very dark indeed). Hope and kindness, both of which this community has in ample supply. Hope and kindness to help each other up when we fall and stand at each other’s shoulder. I hope you know that I will stand next to you and any other Curiosity, Kiri. At any time.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this is what you have built. You once observed yourself how extraordinarily kind and caring this community is. I marvel at it every time I look at your YT comments section or your Twitch chat. You did this, and you continue to do this.

    The last two and a bit years have been pretty terrible most of the time for me. But being a part of this community has helped make it more livable and happy. Thank you, Kiri.

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