Oh, we’re half-way there–WHOA-OH!

Art courtesy of the incredibly talented JP Rakath.

Alys sidestepped the hardback volume that fell from the trees with a frantic flutter and a loud thud. She looked upward, expecting to see someone sitting on a branch who had accidentally dropped their book, but there was nothing there so mundane. Instead, she saw a great tree whose leaves appeared to be made of pages, and, instead of bearing fruit or flowers, sprouted novels. Some were still very small and young, while some were overripe and rotting, with pages bursting from the binding.

Hello Curiosities!

I haven’t even had a chance to make a video yet, it’s barely been 24hrs and we’re already about half-way there to our 100 hardbound books! I feel so blessed and excited, and content being generated to celebrate the release is overwhelming. We’ve got some upcoming behind the scenes interviews, and even music inspired by the book by the incomparable Sydney Blake!

I’m flailing, I’m excited, and I’m hopeful.

So with that all in mind…

If you want to help us reach our goal of 100 hardbound orders, and be able to get some extra swag…

US Shippers: Buy Your Books Here.

International Shippers:
Please send an email to info@doceblant.com with the following information:

BOOK TITLE (And if you’d like hardbound OR paperback)

Note: This workaround is provided by my publisher right now to make sure our international Curiosities can be a part of the pre-release hype and prep while they get things sorted. Once we are released, distribution will be a lot simpler.

Thank you so much for helping me get this far, I’m absolutely overwhelmed by the love and support for something I truly poured part of my soul into.

You are everything, loves.


One thought on “Oh, we’re half-way there–WHOA-OH!”

  1. Is wrong that as soon as I read the headline, words started popping into my head? “Whoa oh! We’re half there! Whoa oh! Living on a prayer! Thanks so much Kiri!!! Just ordered mine this morning!!! I can’t wait to smell the fresh ink, feel the edges of newly cut paper, see how the light gleams off the edges of the hardback cover! I may be a little too excited! But life has been so stressful for me lately. So thanks. This gives me something to look forwards to! I can’t wait to read it again Kiri! Thank you, you’ll never know all the ways you’ve saved my life. So let me just say, “You’re Beautiful.” I love everything you make and do. I also reeeaaaly LOVE the picture in the upper right here. /| You look so elegant and timeless. Can’t wait to read this again. Thanks Kiri. 😀

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