Resolved – A New Year

Technically, if I’m speaking plainly, my new year began on Dec. 21st with winter solstice. But since it’s a bit more common for people to relate to the Calendar New Year, I’ve sort of put it off til now. I also didn’t feel much like writing this until now. To speak my truth, I don’t entirely […]Continue Reading

Never Effortless

One privilege, I know I have, is that I have never had a problem talking about my life. Not really. If the void was open to answers, I have been rather prone to peeling back the curtain and letting everyone who wanted to see what was going on inside of me. I like the void. I […]Continue Reading
Hello you beautiful Curiosities of the universe! We’re fast approaching Alys’ release date, and I have my first scheduled book signing! I’m kinda freaking out. Just a wee bit. Along with fellow Doce Blant authors, Cutter Slagle and Marti Melville, I will be at the Barnes & Noble in Glendora, CA from 11-4pm on November 13th! If […]Continue Reading