Live Stream, Q&A, Music, Raffle & More!

Hello you beautiful Curiosities, we’ve got some crazy live content coming your way! Why? Well one, because I haven’t been able to do much livestreaming lately. And two, we’re still trying to negotiate with the mortgage company to bring down our monthly payment (the monthly escrow is so unreasonably high so we’re still looking at a nearly $3k payment) and, we had a renter who would have been taking two of the rooms (thus giving us no worries about July’s payment) back out at the last minute.

So more or less, I’m a little worried because things aren’t going quite so smoothly as we’d hoped and prayed. Trying to keep my chin up though because we have NOT come this far to fall now.

So I’m going to be doing some videos and livestreams to help raise a little extra to help us get through July, and I have some donation tiers that I hope you’ll find interesting. If you can help, awesome, if you can’t, I hope you enjoy the show anyway. =)

Livestream Dates:
Friday June 24th, 7pm – 3am PST
Saturday June 25th TBD (May include Harry Potter Night Live Footage)
Sunday June 26th, 10am – 10pm PST

Where will the Livestreams be?

On my Twitch channel.

What will the Livestreams include?

Q&As, Gaming, Raffles and music!

What’s up for raffle?

A variety of donated prizes that we’ll be raffling off individually!

PayDay2 (with all DLC) on Steam
1 ECCC Exclusive Funko Pop Snoopy
1 Xbox One OR PS4 Console
(This list is still incomplete, so please continue to check back)

The Raffle, How To Enter:

1 Raffle Entry: (Free) Simply post one question you’d like me to answer on livestream in the comments below.

Additional Entries by Donation:

$5 – 1 additional general raffle entry and question.

$10 – Live Karaoke (on stream, acapella or with music as we’re able to find it), +2 additional questions & general raffle entries

$15 – 1 hour of gameplay of the game of your choice (Listed below), + 3 additional questions & general raffle entries

$25 – 1 Recorded karaoke song* of your choice (We’ll work together to find one in range), + 5 additional questions & general raffle entries, and an mp3 of all my current songs (including Saving April songs).

$100 – 1 hour 1 on 1. Need a voice lesson or just sing karaoke together? Want to talk writing or need some advice? Maybe you just wanna play a game together on a livestream. +20 additional questions & general raffle entries, and an mp3 of all my current songs (including Saving April songs AND other requested karaoke songs)

$200 – 1 video** (Kiriosity, Nailed It, Tutorial, Let’s Play, Review etc) on the subject of your choice (nothing explicit) + special raffle entry for a Xbox One or PS4 console and an mp3 of all my current songs (including Saving April songs AND other requested karaoke songs)

In regards to tiers, we’re going to stick to Kickstarter rules, so if you donated $25, but want to pick a tier below it instead, just indicate it in the paypal comments. (Ex. I’d like this to go towards 1.75 hours of Dragon Age: Inquisition gameplay instead of picking a song.)

Additionally, if you have a suggested tier, let me know!

Click Here To Make a Donation!

Note: Please remember to fill in what you’d like in the comments, along with the best email to contact you. 

*Songs will be delivered as received and as we decide on what to sing. They will be uploaded to YouTube prior to the live stream (time permitting) and I’ll send you a copy of the MP3. Obviously anything requested DURING the livstream will be uploaded afterwards. Unlike live karaoke, these will be available on YouTube and be more polished. Songs sung on the livestream (Live Karaoke) tend to be muted by Twitch after the live show, so if you don’t catch it live, you likely won’t hear it at all.

**Videos, due to their time consuming nature of research, scripting and filming (especially in regards to Kiriosities) will be uploaded as I finish them after the livestream.

Livestream will also include a donation counter that I will update as we go so we can track our progress!

Available Games For Livestream:

The 7th Guest

Alice: Madness Returns

Baulder’s Gate: Enhanced Edition

Baulder’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition

Breath of Death VII

Broken Age

Child of Light

Costume Quest 2

CSI: Hard Evidence

Cthulhu Saves The World


Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Awakenings

Dragon Age 2

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Drawn: Dark Flight

Dreamfall Chapters

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

DuckTales Remastered

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition

Fallout: New Vegas

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Foul Play

Game of Thrones – A Telltale Game Series

Guns of Icarus Online

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

King’s Quest Collection

Life is Strange

Little Big Planet 3 (PS4)

Mass Effect

Mass Effect 2

Murdered: Soul Suspect

Never Alone


Ori and the Blind Forest

Overwatch (Ps4)


Papers, Please

Payday 2 (1 Hour)


Portal 2

Post Mortem

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments


Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

The Secret World

Still Life

Still Life 2

Table Top Simulator (Cards, checkers, etc) – Not great for streaming

Tales from the Borderlands


Until Dawn (PS4)

Violett: Remastered Edition

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition

The Witcher 2: Assassin’s of Kings Enhanced Edition

The Wolf Among Us


Pinteresting Under the Influence

Pinterest is a dangerous place for me. It gives me grandiose ideas and delusions of what I can magically accomplish, from make-up to baking, crafting to decorating. And thus I looked up multiple cake pop recipes and tried to glean what I could from their similarities.

IMG_0741First you’re going to start with a basic cake mix. Now you can make your cake from scratch if you want to go all the way down that road, but honestly a good box mix is just fine. You’re going to be destroying it once it’s baked anyway. Also, since I was attempting something new, I didn’t want to waste a bunch of time and money on something that could have possible failed miserably.

For this I used Duncan Hines Pink Velvet with Buttery Vanilla flavor. In my experience this mix tends to be a bit more rich than most box mixes.

Pour into a glass dish and bake as normal! Remember it doesn’t have to be pretty, just cook evenly.




Now for the fun part! After your cake has cooled you get to destroy it! Some people put their cake into a food processor, but I prefer to get my hands dirty (after thoroughly washing them, of course!). Crunch it all up into crumbs in a bowl! Then you’re going to add your icing of choice in slow increments. Squidge it in with your fingers until you get a nice smooth Play-Doh-like consistency.


You’ll want to test this by rolling smaller pieces into balls. If they fall apart easy, then you need to add in more icing. Once you have the desired consistency, wrap it up in saran wrap and put it in the fridge to sit overnight. Or, if you’re me, I left it until I got back from work the next day, so approximately 24hrs.

 The best part about this for me is I don’t have to make all of the cake pops at once.

Now once your dough is ready, you have to melt your coating. Some people use Wilton’s and if you do you will want to be SUPER careful because if you heat them too quickly, the entire consistency changes.

IMG_0798They tell you to use a double boiler, but what I did is use a large glass bowl on top of a pot of water. Don’t bring the water to a bowl, keep it on a very low simmer. This is a slow process but it will be worth it. Pour a small amount of veggie oil (and I mean SMALL) in the bowl and then empty your candy melts. Personally, I used white-chocolate wafer melts from Ghirardelli.

Once you have a liquid consistency, you can start actually making the cake pops themselves. Roll a piece of dough into a ball.

Make sure you don’t have any deep cracks that might compromise the structural integrity. Then dip your lollipop stick (I got a bag at Michael’s Craft store) into the melted chocolate/candy melt. Wait a few seconds and then pierce the cake ball about midway through. This should create an anchor to the stick. Set it aside, make another ball, rinse and repeat etc.

After you have made quite a few of these little guys, the first ones you made SHOULD have hardened around the base.

Now you’re going to carefully dip it into the rest of your melty chocolate mixture!

IMG_0791 IMG_0793

 Careful of any drips! Now with it still wet, apply any sprinkles or edible glitter that you are planning on using to decorate your cake pop. Stick them in some Styrofoam and let them dry standing straight up. If you want to flash-dry them, you can pop them in the freezer.


Shortly after, voila, you’re going to have a tasty treat, all thanks to late-night Pinteresting.


How Can I Help?

You might belong in Hufflepuff where they are just and loyal, those patient Hufflepuffs are true and unafraid of toil!

1446_10200949055554440_1769802617_nIf you didn’t know by now, I’m a Hufflepuff. To the very bone. I bleed black and gold, so to speak. I’ve never liked exclusivity, or cliques, and I’ve pushed my fair share of bullies. It’s not hard to be my friend, so long as your intentions are good, and once you’re in, it’s hard to lose that friendship. Since I began my presence online I’ve done what I can to be open and honest, share what I could about my own experiences and not try to be anything I’m not.

So It’s probably only natural that some of you felt safe to reach out to me through email for help. And that trust in me has meant all the world. And it got me thinking. Perhaps I could open that door up a bit more, and let you know, before you even have to reach out blindly, that it’s okay to ask.

I’ve set up an email specifically for these kinds of questions and inquiries:

While my answers will be in public video form, I promise your questions/concerns will remain completely anonymous. I’d like to make video responses in the style of My Dear Stephanie videos because I feel like being able to hear someone’s voice in times of struggle is incredibly helpful in itself. Sometimes I just need to hear, “It’s going to be okay,” from someone I trust, and I figure, at the very least, that’s what I can offer to you.

I have tried to make it a standard practice to always answer a friend’s troubles with one simple question, “How can I help?”

So even if you think your question is small, or you simply just want to write me an email. I’m here, and I’ll listen.



Top 5 Reasons Ted Mosby is The WORST

Why yes, it has been over two years since the final episode of How I Met Your Mother aired on tv, and no, I’m still not over it. But while I could rant on about why that last episode was such a disservice to the characters, the story, and frankly the audience, I really want to focus on the glass shattering effect it had on the rest of the show.

I am of course referring to the glass shattering sound effect used in the episode “Spoiler Alert” where our heroes have their perceptions of each other shattered as they realize each other’s worst flaws.

In this episode, we are led to believe that Ted Mosby’s worst flaw is that the majority of things that come out of his mouth is him correcting people right and left. Which, don’t misunderstand, I completely agree, is a frustrating quality for a person to have, but it’s far from Mosby’s worst.

Now I had decided to rewatch the series since it had so handily appeared on Netflix, determined to rekindle my love for the show and simply stop before the finale. I had, after all, loved it enough to follow it rather diligently through all 9 seasons. It got me through college, it was a weird comfort during some weird phases of my life… and it had been completely ruined by the last episode. 

Because the glass-shattering realization (if you hadn’t noticed before) is that Ted Mosby is possibly quite literally the worst.

parks-and-recreation-Jean-Ralphio-the-worst-worst-woooorst-1372637673pWhich brings me to the main point of this article: Friends don’t let friends date Ted Mosby.

This show centered its story around this character, and even cleverly placed him next to a character like Barney which, to be fair, makes anyone look like a decent human being. But chances are, you’re not going to meet an actual Barney in life. But if you really stop and think about it, you already know at least one Ted.

Ted is that guy who insists he’s wonderful, who will bend over backwards to convince you he’s Mr. Right, and god help you if you dare to disagree.

So I’ve compiled 5 big reasons, in no particular order, as to why Ted Mosby is not the catch this show would have you believe.

1. Pretentious – Let’s just get it out of the way since we’ve already mentioned it. Ted is an “Actually” guy. Some people  now call this mansplaining but his condescending explanations and corrections do not extend to just women and I’m all about pointing out equal opportunity douchebaggery. We have all known this guy. Some of us have even dated this guy. A fellow so insecure about himself that at every turn he must prove that he is smarter than everyone else in the room by correcting any thing he can possibly spot as potentially being inaccurate. And for the love of god while he may have a point about the original pronunciation of a word, no one in the US still pronounces it that way, so no, it is NOT EncycloPEYdia. Our language evolves with our culture, and this is one of those instances, you pretentious son of a bitch. If you date this man, you’re going to have to bail your friends out of jail because someone’s going to get booked for aggravated assault before the night is over.


2. Transphobic – I’m sorry, but if you’re transphobic you’re just a freaking garbage human, I have no further point to make, so I’ll simply site a few episodic examples:


      • Season 2, Episode 9
        • [Ted is guessing what could have happened when he left for the bathroom that would make his friends instantly dislike his date so much. This example is put on par with the others he suggests which includes killing puppies and having a man falsely imprisoned for statutory rape.]
          Ted: I’ll be back in one second.
          Kathy: I bet he’s going to the urinal. Yeah, I remember when I had a penis.
      • Season 3, Episode 8
        • Ted: If there’s some potential “Ohhh….” [dealbreaker] moment, I want know about it right away. I mean, what’s the alternative?
          [Cut to fantasy sequence Robin and Ted at the altar]

          Priest: I now pronounce you man and wife.
          Ted: I love you.
          Robin: I used to be a dude.
          Ted: Ohhh….
      • Season 7, Episode 5
        • [Ted wonders why his date is secretive. A fantasy sequence ensues where Ted is in the bathroom of the restaurant and Janet comes in.] 
          Ted: This is the men’s room.
          [Janet strides to the urinal and hikes up her dress.]

          Janet: I know. I’m a dude.
          Ted: [gasp of horror]tumblr_m9djj3cwzH1qcofv8o1_400

3. “I’m in Love with You” on the 1st Date is Creepy – I need you to forget what bullshit romcom cinema has been trying to force into our brains for decades. Imagine you met someone at a bar the previous night (or a coffee shop or whatever), and even if you’re a romantic and want to get married and have kids REALLY THINK about what Ted does on that date. Someone you have spent a collective of what… 5 hours with, tells you they’re in love with you. And then when you are clearly uncomfortable with this, they proceed to talk about how they’d be a great spouse and parent. Look, I once dated a guy in high school, which while we’d been going out for almost a year, I was in freaking high school. The fact that he started talking about marriage and kids before I even knew what college I was getting into was absolutely terrifying. And I feel like having that conversation with someone on the first date is a pretty damn similar move, without the excuse of teenage stupidity. When you’ve only covered things like favorite movies and what you do for a living, and thus that person has not had enough time to actually get to know you as a unique human… they cannot profess true love and start planning your future together. That. Is. Psychotic. This is a person who is in love with the idea of love and will attempt to fit you into a mold that they have already made for their life. In fact, Ted is CONSTANTLY re-imagining Robin as wanting to get married and have kids (see various fantasies), or pushing her into changing anything he’s not a big fan of (her career ambition, her guns, smoking etc). Back away and bring a baseball bat. It’s not safe to go alone.




no-means-no4. There is literally an episode about how to turn a “No” into a “Yes”. – Watching Ten Sessions is absolutely painful, and I’m not sympathizing with the idea of Ted having to get a butterfly tattoo lasered off his skin painful. That part I kind of enjoyed. What’s painful about this episode is that Ted asks out his dermatologist, and when she politely turns him down, he proceeds to ask, and ask, and ask. Now the frustrating thing is the writers made this out to be such a romantic gesture, but again, put yourself in Stella’s shoes. You said ‘No.’ At that point, your reasons for saying ‘no’ are kind of irrelevant. You gave an answer and it’s not being respected. This episode then goes on to perpetuate the idea that 1, guys are entitled to a ‘Yes’ when they ask a woman out–No, seriously, Ted sincerely believes he deserves that yes–but 2, it gives support to the myth that when a woman says ‘No’, she secretly wants to say yes. Amusingly, when Ted gets left at the altar, he realizes Stella’s issues with Robin were actually because she herself had unresolved feelings for her ex, but never seems to make the connection that the issue stemmed all the way back to him pushing her into the relationship she’d refused in the first place. When someone tells you ‘No’, trust that is what they mean. Don’t push, don’t persist, respect their freaking decision.



5. THE ENTIRE PREMISE OF THE SHOW– I’m sorry, I can’t not rant about how shitty this show ended. It’s called “How I Met Your Mother”, but the mother is barely in the last bit, is killed off in literally a sentence and we discover that the entire point of telling this phenomenally long story about how he banged all these terrible women was to awkwardly pivot back to being obsessed with a woman who we were proven time and time again they do not work together. Ted Mosby, you son of a bitch, you did not deserve Tracy. We should have had a show about her and her friends. They seemed pretty badass. I want more of that. Less Ted. Fuck Ted. I think that’s more of a gripe to the show runners more than anything, but let’s try to get this back on track. Do not date the person who is still hung up on “the one who got away”.  Idealism is to be admired, but only when it’s still within the realm of possibility. Idealism is only admirable when its outcome does not depend on the suppression of someone else’s humanity. This is not a journey of a hopeless romantic trying to find “the one”. This is the revenge fantasy of a man who got turned down by a woman and decided to devise a story where he found another woman who gave him everything he wanted, for long enough to make the first woman miserable and sad and jealous for years until he finally rescues her from her tower.
What the fuck was this show even?

Do not let your friends date a Ted.

Just don’t.



I’m prone to whimsy, as most bards are, I think, and that whimsy tends to want to extend to my aesthetic. Which includes my house! For the den I’m working on something that will feel extremely cozy as well as give you the notion that Hobbits probably live here. My first step in this direction was the coffee table.

Thrifting will be your best friend for these kinds of projects. Good sturdy coffee tables can range up pretty high and the last thing you want to do is experiment with something that set you back a pretty penny. I mean, maybe you do, but I’m terribly broke, and sonnets don’t pay what they used to, so I searched thrift shops. And I encountered this table at Out of the Closet for a mere $45.


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