Rogue Training – Week 3

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Everyone has their favorite character class. Being a bard, of course I have a special place for rogues in my heart. So with the help of one of my best friends, we’ve devised a training regime that will be taking inspiration from the multiple iterations of rogues as depicted in the Dragon Age series, including specializations. These workouts will be focusing on core strength, dexterity and cardio and are intended to be done in a circuit.

Things to Note:

These workouts are created with a gym in mind. Gyms are awesome because people are there to answer questions, the equipment is maintained, and if somehow you hurt yourself, you have immediate assistance. I would like to eventually add at home alternatives but right now that’s not something I have time for. I’m sharing my exact routine.

I’m basically a 5ft tall Dalish, so you may need to adjust weights or reps to your comfort level. However, do keep in mind these exercises are with a rogue class in mind, not a warrior. It’s really not about uber heavy lifting. =)

Rogue Training

Rogues are crafty combatants who succeed in battle by combining speed, subterfuge, and a wide range of abilities to bring their opponents down in unexpected ways, sometimes before the enemy even perceives danger.

Day 1


AMT Machine (level 3): 10 minutes


Kettlebell Swings: 40 reps (10-20 lbs kettlebell)
Hollow Holds: 20-30 seconds
TRX Push-Ups : 15 reps (hands holding on to grip in straps)
TRX Pistol Squats into Balancing Stick Pose: 10 reps (per leg)
Statue of Liberty: 10 reps each side (10-20 lbs kettlebell)

REST 1 minute


Day 2


Rowing Machine: 800 meters (at your pace)


Kettlebell Swings: 40 reps (with 10-20 lbs kettlebell)
Leg lifts: 15 reps (fists under buttocks for support of lower back)
One-legged Romanian Dead Lift: 10 per leg (use 10-20 lbs kettlebell)
Push-ups: 7 reps

REST 1 minute



Specializations are sub-class choices that further define and customize characters in the Dragon Age series. They open access to new talents based upon the character’s base class (Warrior, Mage or Rogue).

Keep an eye out for extra info for specializations. These will be related to other aspects of health (diet, mental health etc) to help you continue your rogue training. These ARE optional, and you are encouraged to design your own specializations. These are meant for a platform to jump off from.


These unpredictable experts specialize in using alchemical mixtures that wreathe them in frost or flame. Fast, chaotic, and possibly mad, they wade into the fight and dare enemies to face the storm.

Since Tempests specialize in alchemy, these sections will be focusing on dietary needs and recipes. Remember if you’re upping your exercise routine, food is SUPER important. Your body is increasing activity and you’re sweating which means you’re depleting nutrients much faster. It’s imperative you eat enough calories and as equally important that you’re eating calories that HELP you keep going. Protein, sodium, iron etc–you don’t want to get dizzy because you’re consuming only one food group.


Having taken the minstrel’s art to new levels, bards are skilled performers and master manipulators; bards can inspire their allies or dishearten their foes through song and tale.

Bards are all about art and charisma, so for these sections, you can expect artistic and even social challenges. We’ll use this specialization to focus on some good mental health practices. Maybe we’ll collaborate on something together, or you’ll be challenged to watch a movie or read a book–or interacting with the Curiosity Community.

5 thoughts on “Rogue Training – Week 3”

  1. Go Go Kiri! You’ve been inspiring me with this so much ๐Ÿ˜€ I don’t go to the gym but Matt and I have been doing dailyburn before dinner most nights, my muscles are sore but It’s weird, I miss it on the days that we’ve skipped? Do you feel like that with your gym days too?

    During cardio i either pretend I’m training for the inquisition or joining a kpop band :p

    Also been meal prepping <3 Which would be perfection if i could find like, any of my tupperware lids.

    Sending you so much love, stength and motivation!
    oxooxoxoxo Paige

    1. No, I totally get that! I’m addicted to that good accomplished soreness. I’m glad I have rest days because my body totally needs them but man I look forward to that ache. It’s like, “Oh… hey… >.> I did gud.”

  2. Because I was tired, I read the warm-up under Day 1 and thought, “Why is taking money out of the ATM a warm-up, and how does she make it last 10 minutes?” Then I read it again with coffee-brain engaged, and everything made more sense. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I’m most certainly going to be stealing some of these exercises for my own training. I get weirdly over whelmed if I change my routine too often, but get bored if I don’t change it enough, so I’m changing my specialization focus each month to keep my brain moving. I finally got back to working out this week. I forgot how much better I sleep when I’m a little exhausted and a little sore. ๐Ÿ™‚

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