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It’s been a bit of a whirlwind since we last added to our collection in the Curiosity Cabinet, hasn’t it?

Since then, I’ve talked a lot about managing energy, emotional labor, and working through emotional funks.

So… you’ve probably guessed I’ve been having a hard time keeping up my energy, and that I’ve been struggling with emotional drain and the like. But I’m okay. I’m figuring out what does and doesn’t work for me.

And even if I’ve been a little quiet, I have found some amazing things on my latest travels through the worlds. And many of those were thanks to you!

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Curios Found Along My Way:

Turkey Won’t Put You To Sleep
Winston Churchill’s Lost Essay on Extraterrestrials
Elizebeth S. Friedman, Nazi Hunter
Crows, Far From Bird-Brained

Frequencies To Travel By:

Keep Me Warm (feat. Erin Bowman) · The Little Estate
Roots Before Branches · RoomForTwo
Things We Lost In The Fire · Janet Devlin
O.K. Fine · Clover The Girl

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Stories Collected:

Irkadura · Ksenia Anske
Murder on the Ballarat · Kerry Greenwood
Life is Strange: Before The Storm (Chapter 1) · Deck Nine

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel · Amazon Studios
To each their own cup of tea, but I thoroughly enjoyed this show. From the wit of the dialogue, to the amazing performances from Tony Shalhoub (who is apparently capable of a death stare that would wither an entire harvest of crops), Alex Borstein (whom I almost rarely get to see on screen rather than voicing a character), and Luke Kirby (Slings & Arrows) who had Lenny Bruce’s mannerisms down pat.
This is not to detract from the work of Rachel Brosnahan’s marvelous portrayal of Midge Maisel. Her comedic timing is perfection to say the least. I’ve yet to watch House of Cards (I know, I know), so this was my first time seeing her work. In short, I binged this entire show in the span of about two days (only because sleep had to happen and there was work in the way) and not only look forward to season 2, but am excited to see Brosnahan’s future and past work.

Current (Public) Projects:

Changeling (ongoing)
Irkadura Audiobook (End of January)
Tree · Wordy Wednesday · Kiriosity
Realms of the Wild (Every Other Saturday)

Adventures with YOU:



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Light at the end of the tunnel


What do YOU want to see find a place in the Curiosity Cabinet?

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