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Dreamfall Chapters – The Final LiveStream & More!

What: LiveStream of Dreamfall Chapters Book 5: Redux (The final book)

When: January 13th (Friday–Yes, Friday the 13th!), 7:30pm PST (When is that for you?)

Where: http://www.twitch.tv/kiriosity

We’ve come to it. The final book. I’m biting my nails because I’m not ready for this game to end! I’m already preparing for a stream the next day because I’m going to require some serious comfort gaming after this, loves. I will be a bit of a wreck, I’m sure.

Haven’t made it to a stream before? You can catch up here!

As I said, after this I will need some comfort gaming, which means…

Next Stream: January 14th (Saturday), 1pm PST – 5pm PST, Possible Extension: 8pm PST – 12am PST

Game: Dragon Age: Origins

My love of Dragon Age is not a secret. I’ve written two tribute songs (Halamshiral, Lost) and one original (Bring You Home) about my game experiences. Don’t watch those if you haven’t seen/played the game and care about spoilers.

I haven’t streamed or really shared game play of these games because I figured my fangirl level was a bit too high and would not actually be interesting to watch. And then several Curiosities laughed and said I should do it anyway.

Note: I WILL be using mods from Dragon Age Nexus (appearance, some extra scenes etc) but I will be sure to link them in the description of the VODs.

I may also employ the dev console code to get through fights faster. Reason being that while I LOVE the Dragon Age series, I must confess Dragon Age: Origins was not super exhilarating with fights, and skipping past random battles so we can get to the story seems preferable considering the LENGTH of the game itself.

So here we go. Saturday. It’s happening.