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Resolved – A New Year

Technically, if I’m speaking plainly, my new year began on Dec. 21st with winter solstice. But since it’s a bit more common for people to relate to the Calendar New Year, I’ve sort of put it off til now.

I also didn’t feel much like writing this until now. To speak my truth, I don’t entirely feel like writing this even now, but pushing through mental funks is sort of part of my resolutions this year.

Well, not really. It’s a means. I’m resolved to do things in the year 2017 and in order to do them, I must adapt new habits.

What I would like to banish this year:

Negativity towards myself

Guilt over things that I cannot control

The phrase, “I really need to start doing X” when I have no intention of actually doing it.


Things I would like to invite into my life or accomplish:

Travel – I mailed in my passport renewal and if I can manage the funds, I would like to go back to the UK for my 30th birthday this year.

Finish Changeling and submit to my publisher – I’ve been sitting at 75% finished of the first draft for far too long

Compose and record one original song on my own – For Christmas I received some very helpful gifts to teach myself how to be my own accompaniment.


I am keeping the concrete goals  short, simple and clear. In regards to more abstract goals…

Eating cleaner and exercising, I have my Rogue/Bard training. I have been continuing this, but I unfortunately have not been posting about it due to the holidays. This will change starting tomorrow so you can better follow along if you’d like to join in. I’ll be posting regularly on that. I also would like to set up a concrete streaming schedule again, as well as more cover songs and vlogs.

I have two songs recorded that I will be creating videos, if you’re a part of my Patreon, you know what I’m talking about. =)

Tomorrow would have been my brother’s birthday. At the end of the month, it will have been 4 years since his death and I can’t quite wrap my mind around that fact. It seems like such a long time for something that still hits me so strongly when I stop to think on it. I applied to have his Facebook Page memorialized, and weirdly it’s kind of thrown me out of sorts.

I’ll be talking more about that tomorrow. I’ve got a lot of things rolling about in my head and I don’t quite have the clarity yet to organize them into something coherent.

Isn’t That The Way Love Goes? / Almost Lover

Writing, it’s this thing I do–this thing I will be doing a lot more of in the next coming weeks. However, I wanted to share a tidbit of something that I wrote a little bit ago in response to one of Nika’s writing prompts. (If you have never checked out her in Word Play, you should hop to that… like now).

The assignment, as it were, was to write a dialogue heavy scene and out of the given prompts I chose, “Why you just don’t GET it.”I’m not sure if the actual words were meant to go in there, I worked off of the feeling/impression that sentence gave me and came up with the scene you can read below.

And then last night I recorded a song to go along with it. I’ve mentioned before that I like to put soundtracks to everything… and I would like to start trying to marry my singing to my writing more… so here we go: