I was walking around the neighborhood and stumbled across these abandoned shoes.

So it’s WRITING PROMPT TIME.┬áLet’s keep it free form, it can be a song, a short story, a poem or what have you, but it must in some way relate to this photograph.

Post your story or a link to your story in the comments below, we’ll reconvene in a week, when I’ll be posting my own.


  1. Kristian Fischer says:

    Hi Kiri,

    Just a quick test to see if the WordPress comments section is working properly. Like I tweeted at you, the Google+ one doesn’t do anything.


  2. Innocent Browncoat says:

    The valkyrie watched the dawning sun. While some of her sisters preferred to spend time among writers, builders, or other creator types, she enjoyed a different kind of company. She loved to merge into the crowds, to ride the wave of emotions as the beat flowed through her. Mortals had such a short time on Midgard, but were capable of filling it with intensity.

    Odin called. Duty was pulling her away from this dark street. Taking off her heels, she laid them beside the tree with a smile. While those who walked past them may not know what they meant to her, she knew how something simple could cause drastic changes.

    After all, there were stories where old One-Eye actually had two eyes…

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